Basketball, The Canadian Invention

James Naismith invented Basketball because they needed a sport to play indoors for the winter because it was too cold to play baseball or football outside. It was first used in 1891 at the YMCA training school in Springfield, Massachusetts. James Naismith was born November 6, 1861 in Almonte Ontario, orphaned at the age [...]

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History of Peanut Butter

Although peanut butter can be dated back to the Aztec times buy crushing roasted peanuts into a mash like paste, The actual invention of peanut butter, its process of manufacture and the machinery used to make it, can be credited to at least one of three doctors/inventors. In 1884 Marcellus Gilmore Edson of Canada [...]

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The Battle of Vimy Ridge, April 9 – 12 1917

The Battle of Vimy Ridge, during the First World War, is Canada’s most celebrated military victory, this battle is also referred to as the birth of Canadian national pride and awareness. Hill 145 was one of three strategic hills the Canadian soldiers had to conquer from the Germans, it is also home to the [...]

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